25. July / 21:30h

Šibenik Dance Festival: MATOMARI NO NAI | EXPERIMENTO 5

Conception / Creation : Sofia Fitas
Music / Voice : Sébastien Jacobs
Performers : Sofia Fitas & Sébastien Jacobs

A white torso from behind, headless and limbless, birds fighting over it like scavengers, and the body that moves, ... which finds an arm then its other limbs, tries to tear one off, turns into a mechanic or represents a gaping hole...The movement of a being without a head and devoid of the usual movements of the human body shakes up the benchmarks. Sébastien Jacobs' powerful sound effects add animality and crying. A body that lives differently, entering the depths of its soul. Disturbing like a black hole.


Catarina Casqueiro & Tiago Coelho

Two minds circulate through the shared space of an idea – an existential pas de deux, abstract and immaterial. They are two and only one, a synapse between two neurons, two parts of a whole, a beginning and an end. "Matomari no Nai" proposes to illustrate the symbiosis between two beings and the sharing of existence, translated into the movement of bodies that dance as if speaking, in a physical language that dissects their relationship with each other and with life through the anatomy of an embrace.

The latest creation by these two emerging artists, ‘Matomari No Nai’, premiered at the SoloDuo Festival in Cologne (Germany). Subsequently, the piece was presented at the 31st Quinzena de Dança de Almada (Portugal), the International Choreographic Competition Linkage (Bulgaria), where they won 3rd place and the Audience Award, and the Straybirds Dance Platform (Taiwan), securing them a slot in the 2024 edition of the MasDanza Festival (Spain). With this creation, they clinched the 1st place in the Prospettiva Danza Teatro International Prize Competition in Padova (Italy), further solidifying the international recognition of their work.


(As the introductory program of the evening, students from the Ana Maletić School of Contemporary Dance, Zagreb, will perform an excerpt from the performance DOPPELGÄNGERS as part of their stage practice course. The choreography is by Penelope Morout and the mentors of the teaching process were Eni Vesović and Gordana Svetopetrić.)


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For more details, you can check the rest of the festival program here.

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