06. August / 21:00h

The concert is sold out.

Róisín Murphy - Ljetno Yammatovo fueled by Cockta! - SOLD OUT

This summer, global music icon Róisín Murphy is coming to Šibenik, where she captivated audience with fantastic performances at St. Michael's Fortress in 2018 and during the New Year's Eve celebration in 2023!

Róisín Murphy, along with her band, will be performing at St. Michael's Fortress on August 6th for the Ljetno Yammatovo fueled by Cockta!

Yammatovo, a renowned top-tier music event organized by Zagreb's Yammat FM radio, returns to St. Michael's Fortress for the third time in its summer edition, in co-organization with Fortress of Culture. 

Irish artist Róisín Murphy rose to fame as a key part of the British-Irish electronic duo Moloko. After the duo disbanded, this eclectic, eccentric, and versatile artist launched a highly successful solo career, solidifying her star status with each new album. She debuted with her solo album Ruby Blue in 2005 and confirmed her exceptional talent with hit singles from Oweprowered in 2007.

Following extensive concert tours, notable musical collaborations, and several album releases, Róisín's long-awaited fifth studio album, Róisín Machine created during the pandemic, has won global critical acclaim.

Róisín has a passion for fashion, architecture, design, and all things beautiful. Her performances are not just musical but also visual spectacles. She commands the stage with power and grace, continually surprising the audience with creations that only she can pull off.


TICKETS: from 55€

The initial set of tickets is priced at 55€. 

Tickets are available from Monday, June 3rd 2024 online via Eventim, exclusively for Mastercard cardholders for the first 24-hour.

After that the tickets will be available to the general public from Tuesday, June 4th at noon via the Eventim and in the City Point of Šibenik's Fortresses (Šibenik).


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