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Internationally acclaimed fado star Mariza will perform at St. Michael's Fortress on August 1st. This Portuguese artist, who has captured the hearts of music lovers worldwide over the past 20 years, promises an unforgettable musical experience, as the domestic audience witnessed this spring with her mesmerizing performance at Lisinski Concert Hall.

Mariza embarked on her impressive career two decades ago, evolving from a local sensation in Lisbon to a globally renowned star. Her debut album, "Fado em Mim," released in 2001, quickly conquered the international scene, and Mariza soon became a recognizable name on some of the world's most prestigious stages, including the Olympia in Paris, the Royal Festival Hall in London, and Carnegie Hall in New York.

Apart from being awarded numerous platinum albums and accolades worldwide, Mariza stands out for her authenticity and exceptional musical talent. Her repertoire is firmly rooted in classical and contemporary fado, expanding to occasionally include Cape Verdean mornas, Brazilian and Spanish classics, and other themes dear to her.

Her latest release, "Mariza Sings Amália," is dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the fado queen Amália Rodrigues. This album presents an intriguing counterpoint to the previous "Canta Amália," with a more modern approach that skillfully combines currently popular international musical styles with traditional elements.

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