06. July / 21:00h

Ivan Pešut: Wanderlust

On the first Saturday in July, Ivan Pešut, the Rijeka-based guitarist, session musician, author, producer, and multiple Status and Porin award winner, will take the stage at Barone Fortress. Pešut is well-known for his collaborations with Severina, Massimo, Nika Turković, Mia Dimšić, Matija Cvek, and others.

Although a multi-instrumentalist, Pešut's primary instrument is the guitar, and he has been a music professional since the age of fifteen. In his continuous and intensive musical career, he has participated in numerous domestic and international recordings and concerts, while simultaneously studying and earning degrees as a professor of German language and literature and a professor of informatics.

"Wanderlust" is the second studio album by the Rijeka guitarist, released this year, and it significantly differs from Pešut's first album, "Timeline," which was awarded the Porin. The new album stands out for its diversity of genres, elegantly blended into a coherent whole. Through various musical traditions and styles, Pešut creates a unique listening experience that reveals the richness of his artistic expression.

The audience in Šibenik will have the opportunity to hear how "Wanderlust" sounds on Saturday, July 6th, at Barone Fortress.


TICKETS: Regular price 6€

The concert starts at 9 PM, and tickets priced at 6€ are available online via the Fortress of Culture website and at City Point.


From June until late summer, the stage at Barone Fortress will feature award-winning Croatian and international jazz musicians, offering evenings of top-notch performances for jazz enthusiasts.

For more information about the summer music season at the Šibenik fortress, follow the Fortress of Culture website and their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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