17. July / 21:00h

Božo Vrećo

One of the most original regional artists, Božo Vrećo, will perform at the St. Michael's Fortress in Šibenik on July 17th at 9 p.m.

Božo Vrećo is a lyrical tenor who sings the deepest emotions with his angelic voice and has an approach that is cathartic, transversal, and unique, as described by global media such as the French ARTE, the American New York Times, and the Spanish El Periodico.

These media outlets also call him the "icon of freedom, an angelic voice that caresses souls and opens hearts." His popularity and quality are best evidenced by the fact that tickets for his concert at the end of last year in Sarajevo sold out in just seven hours.

Vrećo sings about love, longing, and separation, about sorrow, melancholy, and loneliness. Every line of Božo's is like a confession and declaration of love, hence the magic at his concerts. He collaborates with unique artists of global renown with whom he has written new sevdah lyrics that his ever-expanding audience simply adores, from Lejla to Saba.

Božo Vrećo is truly distinguished by his extraordinary opus, as he diligently works on music and explores ballet and opera, as well as documentary films about sevdalinka, to which he also contributes his avant-garde touch. Naturally, he studies the mystique of Balkan autochthonous monophonic and polyphonic music.

His concerts are a complete Sufi trance that carries sevdah in its purest form. They unleash all repressed emotions in people, thus evoking tears at concerts, as well as some supernatural energies that flow from person to person, creating a wave of excitement, love, and catharsis together.

The duality radiated by this extraordinary artist makes him one of the most significant interpreters of modern karasevdah, a genre that ventures into the realms of jazz, blues, spiritual, and polyphonic music.

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