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Ante Jeličić Quintet

Jazz pianist from Biograd na Moru, Ante Jeličić, will be performing at the Barone Jazz Festival on July 9th. Ante began his musical journey at the age of twelve, playing the trumpet in an orchestra. His encounter with jazz led him to shift his focus from classical music to jazz. Due to the lack of jazz schools in the Zadar area, he started teaching himself jazz and piano. In 2007, he formed his own jazz ensemble named "Ante Jeličić Quintet." He has collaborated with numerous musicians from the Croatian and Slovenian jazz scenes.


In 2024, the Croatian Musicians Union (HGU) awarded Ante Jeličić the Status award in the jazz music category for piano, and the Rock & Off independent journalists' award nominated him for jazz performer of the year!

In December last year, he released his second studio album "Da-Du" with his quintet. Unlike the previous "softer" sound that characterized his first album "Common Language," "Da-Du" offers a more assertive character.

Joining Jeličić on piano, the quintet consists of musicians Valdemar Kušan on trumpet, Miro Kadoić on saxophone, Bojan Skočilić on double bass, and Adriano Bernobić on drums. We will hear them at Barone Fortress on Tuesday, July 9th!


TICKETS: Regular price 6€

The concert starts at 9 PM, and tickets priced at 6€ are available online via the Fortress of Culture website and at City Point.


From June until late summer, the stage at Barone Fortress will feature award-winning Croatian and international jazz musicians, offering evenings of top-notch performances for jazz enthusiasts.

For more information about the summer music season at the Šibenik fortress, follow the Fortress of Culture website and their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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