21. July / 21:00h

Trio No Lokal

Trio No Lokal, three talented and established musicians based in Zagreb, will be performing at Barone Fortress as part of the Barone Jazz Festival on July 21st.

United by their love for the rhythms that defined the 60s and 70s, these Irish-born musicians and producers will present their intriguing repertoire at Barone Fortress. Their performance will include reinterpretations of classics, as well as lesser-known songs that the band has woven together through broken-beat, hip-hop, and drum and bass rhythms, all infused with the improvisational spirit that only live performances can bring!

Ishfaq, also known as Sam Mahoney (keyboards), is a producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been creating music since his teenage years. He has performed live at the legendary Lazy club in Frankfurt, attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle, and DJed throughout Europe. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Zero T, Freddie Kruger, Dječaci, Jan Kincl, and more. Currently, he resides and works in Zagreb.

Chucky Chrysal, or Terence Daniel Hayes (drums), is also a producer and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Essex, he has been performing since the age of 16, often at the iconic English club Pink Toothbrush, which was a breeding ground for Depeche Mode. He met Ishfaq in Ireland, and together they continued to work on music, experimenting with various genres.

Dirty Hairy, aka Mat Davies (percussion), hails from London and began his music career as a DJ in the 90s. In the 2000s, he became a recognized hip-hop producer known for his style that incorporates hip-hop roots with Afro rhythms, Latin, funk, and jazzy broken beats. He has performed across Europe, in New Zealand, and Japan. Currently, he performs as a DJ and percussionist alongside Tihomir Pop Asanović and has collaborated with artists such as Kandžija, Pendrek, Magellan, Zlatan Čordić, Tetkine Radosti band, Edo Maajka, and many others.


Tickets for the concert, starting at 9 PM are available online, and at the City Point in Šibenik Fortresses for 6 euros. Members of the Friends Club will receive a 10% discount on ticket purchases upon presentation of a valid membership card at the box office.

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