30. June / 21:00h

Pavle Golubić Quartet

The Barone Jazz Festival kicks off with the incredible Pavle Golubić Quartet!

In addition to Pavle Golubić on percussion, the quartet features Vojkan Jocić on saxophone, Domagoj Leljak on guitar, and Tin Džaferović on double bass. These talented musicians have previously delighted audiences with their performances in various jazz and pop ensembles.

During the concert, the quartet will captivate the audience with their rendition of jazz standards, delivered in a soulful post-bop style. They will also showcase their creative prowess through a selection of original compositions.

Tickets for the concert, which starts at 9 p.m., can be purchased online for 6 euros or at the City Point of Šibenik's fortresses. 

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