04. July / 21:00h


The Noise project represents something truly innovative in the world of music, as it seamlessly blends visual art with live music within the framework of a jazz ensemble. This groundbreaking project delves into the theme of the noise that surrounds us in our daily lives. It encompasses the clamor of traffic, construction, sirens, and, on a broader scale, the overwhelming influx of unwanted information we are bombarded with each day. The majority of the content we consume has become an unconscious or unnoticed part of our lives. Sounds intertwine with lights, advertisements, information, phone calls, and thoughts, forming a cacophony that often goes unnoticed but has gradually become an integral element of modern city life.

The creative force behind Noise is the young drummer Bruna Matić, who not only composes and arranges the music but also writes the lyrics and produces the accompanying videos. Drawing inspiration from electronic music, Matić's compositions fuse elements of dubstep, trap, 2-step, and drum 'n' bass with jazz improvisation and harmony, resulting in a unique and captivating sound.

Tickets for the concert, which starts at 9 p.m., can be purchased online for 6 euros or at the City Point of Šibenik's fortresses.

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