18. August / 21:00h

Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik Quartet

Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik Quartet from Austria are teaming up with Croatian visual artist Nina Šegović at the Fortress of Barone on August 18th.

Michaela Rabitsch, an outstanding Austrian jazz trumpeter and singer, and her brilliant partner, guitarist Robert Pawlik, have composed the entire repertoire of the band. Their melodies are rooted on one hand in melodic styles of jazz tradition, such as Hardbop, Swing, Modern Jazz, New Orleans Second Line, and Blues, and on the other hand, they fuse elements of Indian, African, Latin American, or Balkan music.

Their songs are inspired by numerous European, Asian, African, and American tours, with over 1500 concerts in 50 countries, playing in intimate jazz clubs, as well as on big stages and international festivals - from Tokyo to Tehran, Kuala Lumpur to Yerevan, Cape Town to Delhi, Shanghai to Almaty, Hong Kong to Krakow, Havana to Moscow, Chicago to Ottawa, Penang Island to Ankara...

Nina Šegović expresses music in real-time through her videos, adding effects or visual reactions to musical tones and rhythms. The motifs in her video works are related to the four elements of nature - water, wind, fire, and earth - which she expresses through videos in the form of light and shadow play. Through the visual representation of music, she manipulates her own video impressions, which inherently contain movement, expressing the missing - the fifth - element.


Tickets for the concert starting at 9 PM are available for 6 euros online and at the City Point in Šibenik's fortresses. Club members get a 10% discount on ticket purchases upon presenting a valid membership card at the ticket office.


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