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New Year's Eve party: Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy to headline New Year’s Eve Party!

A worldwide famous music sensation Róisín Murphy best known for her timeless hit “Sing it Back” as a member of the electronic music duo ‘Moloko’, will lead Šibenik into the new 2023!

Róisín is no stranger to this beautiful town since this is her second time coming. We still remember her magnificent concert at St. Michael’s fortress in 2018.

Murphy’s career began as a part of the British-Irish electronic duo Moloko, but her solo career didn’t fall back. She continued the line of success with her 2005 hit “Ruby Blue” followed by “Overpowered” in 2007.

Now she will show her incredible talent by combining the modern audio-visual concept with the retro breath of the old town of Šibenik.

It’s safe to say that Šibenik is the place to be this year. Don’t miss out because we won’t as well!

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