04. August / 21:00h

Sporky Disco | Jennifer Cardini + Kevin Yost

TICKETS: presale 150 HRK / regular sale from July 12th 170 HRK 



The beginning of August at St. Michael's Fortress is traditionally reserved for dancing to melodic electronic sounds. This year on the Šibenik summer stage we'll dance to one European and one American well-known name, especially pleasing to the local audience - Jennifer Cardini & Kevin Yost!



This studious percussionist, methodical music sellector and favourite of local audience whose work adores even Eric Clapton, is coming to Šibenik!

Kevin Yost was only four years old when he first picked up the drumsticks. In time, his fascination over music only grew, so in the 80s he got stuck on house music, a genre that he still prefers, capably combining it with jazz elements. He rose to fame with his first album One Starry Night, released in 1998, that became a classic house album.

Talking in numbers, Yost can brag with 8 relesed albums and almost a 100 issued singles. His signature is on over 70 relesed vinyl's and fun fact is that his name is behind 1500 songs that are played on the dancefloors around the world, but haven't found their place on any official edition. That is excatly his speciality as a DJ: it is unlikely that you will use Shazam at his show, because Yost often makes 'all-original' sets for each party.  

His set on St. Michael's Fortress few years ago has a status of mega event in his fans memory, so even today you can hear fans saying: It's never enough of Kevin Yost!



First she conquered Paris, then Berlin and then the whole world. This fantastic lady - DJ, producer and an executive of a respectable label - literally holds three corners of a household that is electronic music scene. Her current mission is to make you dance at St. Michael's Fortress in Šibenik!

This carismatic french artist with a current adress in Germany is coming here at the peak of her professional and artistic affirmation in all aspects, because she is equally successful in studios, in clubs as a DJ, and as an executive of her label Correspondant which just celebrated it's 10th birthday.

With her music sellection and unmistakable taste, nowdays Cardini sets up club and discography trends and delights the dancers on the dance floor with her energy. Her specific style of mixing and famous „cardini“ vibe that she spreads arround, will be within our grasp soon on Šibenik's summer stage!




The party is held without restrictions upon presentation of a valid EU digital COVID certificate.

After the ‘blind’ series of tickets have sold out, from July 12th the sale of the new series at the price of 170 HRK started via the Entrio online ticket sale.

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