19. July / 21:00h

Šibenik Dance Festival: Burning Water



Water as the source of life, but also as the most destructive force on earth. We need water to survive, yet many redirect its natural flow to master it, or we neglect it using it for our personal profit. In spite of that, the water can’t be controlled.  The element so magnificent in its duality and  beautiful in all its contrasts, water can be so soothing and  destructive at the same time. Its power and unstoppable force can devastate whatever stands on its way.

The choreography of Andonis Foniadakis focuses on the contrasting nature of water. The human body may easily adapt and also react to it. The author explicitly shows the powerful emotional and sentimental impact of water  on the human soul. In addition to the physical aspects of the interaction between the human body and water, the metaphorical aspect of water is also explored in this performance, where the water is used as a reference point for describing human features, characters and life situations. Flowing water may symbolize challenge, vitality, victory or change, creating a point where man and water merge and unite both in conceptual and physical sense, creating and experiencing contrasting realities.




Choreography: Andonis Foniadakis

Music: Julien Tarride

Scenography and light design: Sakis Birbilis

Costumes: Anastasios Sofroniou

Assistant choregrapher: Pierre Magendie

National Theatre Rijeka Dancers: Emanuel Amuchástegui / Marta Kanazir / Ksenija Krutova / Maria Matarranz de las Heras / Laura Orlić / Carlos Huerta Pardo / Tilman Patzak / Morgan Perez / Nicola Prato / Tea Rušin / Ali Tabbouch / Marta Voinea Čavrak / Svebor Zgurić



Andonis Foniadakis is a choreographer born in Crete. In his rich career he has worked with the most prestigious world choreographers such as Maurice Béjart and Saburo Teshigawara. His works are welcomed on major European venues, including the Cannes Dance Festival and the Opéra de Lyon. Since 2016, he has been the director of the Greek National Opera Ballet. The first time he introduced himself to Rijeka audience   was in 2018 when he delighted the audience with his choreography on trampolines during the ballet evening of “4 boleros"  performed by the Ballet of the Croatian National Theater Rijeka.  



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