14. July / 21:00h

LADO Ensemble: Every year there's something new



As the name of this year's show itself says, National folk dance Esemble LADO from year to year brings novelties to Šibenik's fortresses, as much as throuhg it's show also throughout it's lineup. This year it is Every year there's something new in line to be presented at Barone Fortress by the orchestra and vocalists.

During a one hour show, LADO vocalists and musicians will show the music heritage of Moslavina region, Posavina, Prigorje, Slavonija, Baranja, Bačka, Podravina, Međimurje and Dalmacija. As always,  the show tries to present the richness and diversity of Croatian instrumental and vocal folk music and expression, as much as diverse tradicional musical instrumens, and thanks to the unique collection of folk costumes of priceless value and beauty, the Ensemble concerts are also visual presentation of Croatian traditional costumes.

Presentation of richness and diversity of folk expression from such a small area as Croatia makes LADO unique in the world, and their show on Barone fortress a unique oportunity for the audience to witness their live preformance. 



LADO, the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia, was founded in 1949 in Zagreb as a professional national ensemble, with the aim of researching, artistically interpreting and presenting on stage the most beautiful examples of the rich traditions of Croatian music and dance.

LADO has assembled the talents of the most recognized Croatian folklorists, choreographers, folk musicians, composers and conductors who are inspired by Croatia's folk culture. LADO’s imposing repertoire, both choreographically and musically, is respected throughout the world for its authenticity. The repertoire consists of more than a hundred diverse choreographies and several hundred vocal, instrumental and vocal-instrumental numbers, through which LADO represents the rich and diverse regional musical and choreographic traditions of Croatia.




Tickets in regular sale from Friday 2nd at noon 12 at:

  •  Eventim ticket sale system (online and at points of sale)
  • in Šibenik fortresses City Point

The Fortress of Culture emphasizes that the event will be held by all of National headquarters recomandations and with adherence of epidemiological measures. Furthermore, Barone Fortress carry a Safe stay in Croatia national label of safety, what means that all events are held in accordance with all prescribed epidemiological measures.

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