16. July / 21:30h

Lado Electro

A combination of traditional and electronic music in the ambiance of a cultural-historical landmark delivered an evening of excellent musical performance.

The Lado Electro project arrived at Barone Fortress soon after their May video release for the song Dolinom se... (Song for Elizabeth) from the album 2.0 Memorabilium that announced the ensemble's return to the music scene. The duo at the DJ counter consisting of Hrvoje Crnić Boxer and Boris Harfman accompanied the performances of Ladarice (lady singers and dancers) and the Lado Ensemble musicians in an incredible synergy of electro and ethno-poetics, the modern and the traditional. The music from Lado's repertoire in this contemporary electronic version sheds new light on traditional compositions and verses that delight people of different musical tastes and from various age groups.



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