31. July / 21:30h

3 stories - Meritas & Jelena Radan

Three strong Croatian female vocals, Meri Jaman, Anita Valo and Jelena Radan premiered their new music project 3 stories at St. Michael's Fortress on July 31st.

The program concept called “3 Stories” brings a new dose of musical optimism, strength and hope for a better tomorrow. Eagerly awaiting a return to the stage, the ladies performed their new original songs created during the "period of silence", which was extremely fruitful for them. Three different vocals merge together in a unique way, trough original songs as well as covers of  Annie Lennox, Alanis Morisette, Amanda Marshall, Neil Young, Mando Diao i Duran Duran.

Each and every song on the repertoire has influenced the artists which they perform in a passionate way, and at the St. Michael's Fortress stage got a new dimension.

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