31. August / 21:00h

Zoran Predin & Damir Kukuruzović Django Group concert Zoran sings Arsen, which was meant to be held on July 28th, is delayed by the organizer's decision due to unfavorable weather conditions and the possibility of heavy rain.

The new date for the concert is scheduled for Saturday, August 31st. Tickets purchased will be valid for the new date of the concert.

If visitors who have already bought the tickets decide to return them, they have a right to refund only at the points of sale where the tickets have been bought, until Sunday, August 11th.

Zoran sings Arsen

Zoran Predin's devotion concert to his close friend and colleague - Arsen Dedić, famous Croatian songwriter, was the first concert in his long career.

The concert is a continuation of the stories related to Arsen and St. Michael's Fortress where Arsen held his last concert. Three years ago, his birthday was marked wih the concert ''Jazz for eternity: Matija and Gabi for Arsen with friends'', and this year it was a friend to a friend concert.


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