26. July / 22:30h

Šibenik Dance Festival - Red/Aliza

Two dance performances "Red" and "Aliza" in one night, on the top of the town - at Barone Fortress.


Start: 22:30 h

Choreography and performance:Ivona Grubišić, Graduate student of Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz, Austria

The miniature dance piece #Red is a new creation by Ivona Grubišić. It is dedicated to all women and those who feel that way. Red is the colour of love and passion, and blood and fire, anger and danger... Inspired by the Platform for Reproductive Rights movement called #Red resistance, the show is not concerned with current political issues, but wants to embody a woman as gentle and uniform on the one extreme, and as a fighting, powerful and unmistakable being on the other.




Start: 23:00 h

ChoreographyIdo Gidron, Institut za umjetničku igru Beograd    

Dancers: Transition Dance Company at the Vuk Karadžić Cultural Institution, Beograd, Srbija (Vladimir Čubrilo, Katarina Bućić, Ana Obradović, Mila Stijak, Milan Bačkulja, Jelisaveta Vučenović, Đurđija Jelenković, Nikol Srebrov, Nikolina Milošević, Marija Dimitrovska, Teodora Vujkov, Anđelija Jovanović, Nikola Pavlović i Tijana Koprivica)


Aliza comes from the Arabic word 'alizarin' denoting a red chemical compound, which is the symbol of the substance most important for living tissue - blood. It means passion, freedom, strength, love and life itself, in contrast to black, which is the symbol of death, both colours often appearing together on some countries’ flags. Aliza asks the question of what is happiness and analyses the process of reaching it.

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