16. July / 21:30h

SIDE B: Denise Jannah

After performing at all major world festivals, the jazz diva known for her rich, pleasant and sincere voice full of emotions came to Šibenik! Her singer-songwriter works and covers of jazz standards were accompanied by superb musicians: Ratko Zjača (guitar), Renato Chicco (organ) and Oleg Markov (drums).

Comming from Suriname, Jannah has lived and worked in the Netherlands from the '70s. Although she initially enrolled in law school, her love for music prevailed and she got her degree in vocal coaching at the conservatory in Utrecht. Her debut album Take it from the Top came out 30 years ago, while her second album A Heart Full of Music won her the prestigious Edison Jazz Vocal Award.

What followed were performances at all major jazz festivals all around the world, in musicals, in front of the Dutch royal family and for the world's most influential people. She wass the subject of the documentary "Denise Jannah - The New Lady in Jazz", confirming that she really is a name that will be remembered on the jazz scene.

From her songwriting achievements, it was apparent that she was a singer with an excellent vocal and a strong expression, which can be attributed to the fact that she also writes poetry. On the other hand, her covers of jazz standards get a whole new dimension because of her voice and emotions.

The audience has already had the chance to listen to Jannah at Croatian jazz festivals, but the performance at the Barone Fortress provided a whole new experience. As she herself says, jazz is primarily freedom, so her flirting with other genres of music in the effort to spread her musical horizons comes as no surprise.



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