08. July / 21:30h


For 10 years Mate Skračić Adaptive Quartet (M.S.A.Q.) brings their originals and covers of popular songs in new arrangements. At Barone Fortress they presented themselves with an instrumental program composed mainly of original compositions in the style of jazz-rock, funk and fusion, with an addition of some jazz standards.

This musical departure from usual repertoire presented a great opportunity to show the band's artistic side. Mate Skračić, the guitarist and the founder of the band will perform alongside his long-time friend and band member Marko Baranović (bass guitar). With Božidar Lapov on drums, the band will be joined by Ivo Jerkunica on trumpet and Mario Guberina (piano/accordion). 

The performances of M.S.A.Q. are usually accompanied by a relaxing atmosphere and socializing in a pleasant, unobtrusive ambience. They always strive to make their interpretations of the world-famous evergreens and standards sound fresh and interesting, through the fusion of the sensibility of a female vocal and the improvisations of musicians in an innovative and fashionable manner, brimmed with freedom and interaction among members of the band.

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