01. July / 21:30h

SIDE B: Mario Guberina

The young Šibenik pianist with an unusual musical expression came to the fortress to present the Dalmatian rhapsody, as part of music program Side B. The repertoire mostly composed of jazz covers of old Dalmatian songs, the ballad in the style of bossa nova, latin music and funk, makes the perfect backdrop to the evening in the ambience of the fortress.

After completing the elementary musical education in Šibenik, he is sharing his skills with the world, playing on the streets of European metropolises, Zagreb and his native Šibenik. For two years, his permanent address was Opatija, where he played with Franjo Pleadin, also from Šibenik, and then with Zoran Majstorović, a jazz musician from Rijeka.

He presented himself to the general public in 2011 and 2018 during his performance at the Supertalent (Croatia’s Got Talent). Apart from the piano, he has also devoted himself to accordion, through which he showcases his expressionist side, contrasting  it with the peaceful, Mediterranean ambient sound. In his covers, old Dalmatian songs, embellished by the hints of swing, wildness and passion, gain a whole new form.


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