16. September / 21:00h

SIDE B: The Fogsellers

This year's concert programme at Barone Fortress - Side B - closes with one of Šibenik's most interesting bands: The Fogsellers. At the fortress they will perform Sono Koloro project through which they connect their music with the visual projections of the artist named Tetraparalelopiped, VJ & DJ with whom Fogsellers closely collaborate.

Sono Koloro means "sounds of color" on Esperanto, the language that was supposed to become universal, just as music itself is. Behind the project stands the band leader, Fikcio Monger (Mirko Rak). It has evolved from the idea of ​​combining music and visual effects into a more complete experience. 

"For this Sono Koloro we decided to emphasize colors and projections, while music will be a medium that will make it easier for viewers to enjoy the waterfall of colors and projections that await us," announced Fikcio Monger. Premiered in 2016 at the Croatian National Theater in Šibenik, Sono Koloro returns to the city after its performances in Croatia and the region, to the unique ambience of Barone Fortress.

Often referred to as an electro-fusion band, the music Fogsellers perform goes beyond the electronic base, and features influences and admixtures of diverse genres that skillfully and cleverly compose as a whole. They also proved it with the debut album Smooth Simplicity. In 2017, the album won critics, as did the audience.  The two consecutive nominations for the "Ambassador" award in the Best Electronic Bands category confirmed it. 

Performing the Sono Koloro program, Fogsellers never justify their name, but offer a complete audio-visual experience. They will do this over the city, under the open sky, at the very beginning of September week, and direct everyone present to a new dimension of music.

The entrance to the programme is possible with a valid daily ticket for Barone Fortress!