19. August / 21:30h

SIDE B: More Love Ensemble

The self-proclaimed baseless fusion concept brought together author and vocalist Melita Lovričević, piano player and arranger Petar Ćulibrk, and drummer and arranger Enos Kulger, all of whom have been renowned for their careers and other projects. In 2017, they have released their first live crossover album More Love To Tchaikovsky, playing at festivals, museums, theaters and clubs in Croatia and abroad.

After a crossover album, a band with an international cast and career, presented their own, author album Waking up. The album brings in original compositions, as well as several covers of traditional songs. For a complete sound on the first single from the album, Thoughts of you and blue, they were joined as a special guest by renowned and versatile guitarist Mario Igrec, but on the Arabian lute.

They also presented the album at Beijing's largest cultural festival, and have recently returned from a short tour in Morocco as ambassadors for local music and art.


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