15. June / 21:30h

SIDE B: Scifidelity Orchestra

The masters of jazz Scifidelity Orchestra took the fortress back to the golden age of jazz and beebop, with a hard to resist retro sound.

The band won the sympathy of the general public during their performance at the Supertalent (Croatia’s Got Talent) two years ago with a fantastic energy that revives even the oldest of bones. Whether it's universal jazz standards or their original music, with each performance they are able to convey infectious positive energy to the audience. So far, they have played in the clubs and on the streets all over Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria and Germany. To this list the band added the stage of Barone Fortress where Filip Horvat (trombone), Stjepan Horvat (standup bass), Benjamin Horvat (banjo) i Robert Pajic (clarinet) performed for Šibenik’s audience.



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