29. August / 20:00h

Channel 4: Jan Kinčl

This year's Channel 4 programme was closed with Zagreb's DJ and producer Jan Kinčl. For twenty years, he has been building his musical expression founded on Detroit music, and has become well known on the electronic music scene for interweaving house and techno music interweaving of house and techno music with frequent incorporation of soul sounds.

To date, he has integrated jazz elements into his music, especially in collaboration with French keyboardist Reggis Kattie.

The duo's debut album In Plain Sight has won the hearts of jazz and deep house music fans, and it has been described as one of the most significant contemporary music albums in the region. Jan will bring a whiff of that album to the fortress, to the delight of all lovers of good sound. For his performance at the fortress, he has prepared an interesting selection of gramophone records, adapted to the unique atmosphere and the gentle sounds of summer's end.


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