08. August / 20:00h

Kanal 4: DJ Borovich

DJ Borovich bid farewell to the sun above the horizon with his vintage selection and brought Barone Fortress into an evening filled with good vibrations.

Nenad Borović, a.k.a. DJ Borovich, is known for mixing diverse and seemingly incompatible musical genres from different parts of the world. From Detroit soul, American funk, afrobeat and disco, groovy Chicago jazz, Thai pop, Russian surf, favela funk, cabaret, and '60s Frech disco, to forgotten B-production movie scores of the latter half of the 20th century. His gramophones continue to bring about the craziest combos.


Postavke pristupačnosti

Dear visitors,

due to evening events, on following dates the fortress will be opened for daily visits in following hours:

July 30th | Barone Fortress | 9AM - 8PM 

August 1st | St. Michael's Fortress | 9AM - 7PM 

Thank you for your understanding.