24. July / 21:00h

Jacob Collier

 After the Jacob Collier's premiere concert on St. Michael's Fortress it is clear why this 24-year-old has two Grammys on his shelf! Collier, who's often refered as the musical innovator and musical genius of new generation, presented himself to the Croatian audience on the last show of his Djesse world tour.

This was the invite to the concert:

Extremely talented Jacob writes, arranges, produces and performs his own songs, simultaneously playing all the instrumental parts and singing all vocals. His musical style is a fusion of jazz, funk, folk, gospel, electronic and classical music. What makes his music special is a unique approach to music arrangements and harmony that have earned him critical acclaim.

His boundless creative energy and the ease of bouncing between instruments on stage leave the audience in awe. Highlighted by ambiance lights or video visuals that change with the music texture, the captivating stage performance becomes an immersive experience.


Tickets available as of April 9th

  • at sales desks of the St. Michael’s and Barone Fortress
  • in City Point (Don Krste Stosica 1)

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