07. August / 21:00h

Božo Vrećo


150 HRK / 180 HRK from May 1st


The artist who lives by its art. Songwriter, author, fashion designer, but first and foremost Božo – is coming back to the St. Michael’s Fortress stage on August 7th as a part of More Than Music concert season!

Božo Vrećo is unique vocalist and performer of sevdah, traditional Bosnian songs. Characterized by slow or moderate tempo and intense, emotional melodies, sevdah is sung with passion and great emotion, which Božo transmits to the audience naturally.

Hear it for yourself:

He has already won Šibenik’s audience hearts by his captive performance on St. Michael’s Fortress stage two years ago. It seems the feeling is mutual, as Božo choose Šibenik to be the part of his worldwide concert tour including dates in Australia, Berlin Munich, Wiena, among others.


The presale tickets are available as of March 4th

  • at sales desks of the St. Michael’s and Barone Fortress
  • in City Point (Don Krste Stosica 1)

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