International conference "Audience Development and Cultural Management: The New Concepts for the New Models"

The experts in cultural management, museology, and communication science fields presented today's trends in audience development alongside the best practices of including heritage in modern lifestyle. Afterwards, the discussion took place among the speakers and the conference participants.


  • to encourage creators of local, regional and national cultural policies, as well as public institutions that manage heritage sites, to develop their own management models, and
  • to encourage adapting managment models to contemporary concepts and cultural practices of the 21st century - which are primarily focused on the audience development

The audience development has been in the focus of the professional public's interest, for the past few years, as evidenced by the fact that the first conference organized by the Public Institution in Culture Fortress of Culture Šibenik successfully brought together exhibitors from Italy, Croatia and Slovenia - giving the event an international character.

The intention of the Fortress of Culture Šibenik is to continue developing professional and public dialogue about audience development in culture on a national and international level, by organizing similar public gatherings, programs and projects. 

Program of the conference


EFFORTS- Connecting and cooperating for European heritage - ANDREA BONIFACIO

Heritage operators and sites - concepts and approaches to audience development - ŽELJKA MIKLOŠEVIĆ

The Future of Audience Development; Research, Policy & Practice - DANIELA UREM

Audience in focus: Practices in the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana -  URŠA KARER

VUČEDOL  New Concept of Museum on Archaeological Site – MIRELA HUTINEC I DORA ŠIMIĆ

From Vistors to Audience: Šibenik Fortresses Club - GORANA BARIŠIĆ BAČELIĆ


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