Where to shop like a local in Šibenik? 8 places you can’t miss!


If you want a truly local experience for at least one day in Šibenik, there are some great places to do grocery, clothes, accessories, or late-night snack shopping!

1. Farmer’s market

The best place to find local food products; from meat, fish, and dairy products to fruits and vegetables, is the Šibenik farmers’ market in the city center. It is best to visit it early in the morning because all the good stuff is gone by noon.

2. Second-hand shops

In Vintage Love Boutique you can find the finest selection of vintage and retro clothes, accessories, and antiques.

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Textile Net Second Hand is the place if you are looking for a good bargain. The store has a wide selection of second-hand clothes and offers extra discounts every week.

3. CD Shop Butiga

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It is the only CD shop left in Šibenik. Once you enter, you probably won’t be able to resist going through the whole CD and vinyl collection, and the owner, in Šibenik known as a true music enthusiast, will explain everything you need.

4. Opa Concept Store

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The store is right next to CD Shop Butiga, so after you pick your holiday soundtrack, you can find an outfit that will match it! This cute little store offers unique clothes and accessories selection!

5. Lokal Artisan Products

In the shop situated on the busiest street in the old city center known as Kalelarga, you can find different kinds of local products; cosmetics, beverages, original gifts, decorations...

6. City Point

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City Point is the perfect place where you will find an original gift, jewelry, or home decoration. Also, here you can get any information you need about the events on all three Šibenik fortresses!

7. Luka's Flower Corner

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Buying flowers is always a good idea whether you buy them for yourself or for someone else and Luka knows how to arrange a perfect bouquet!

8. Bakeries

Dalma Bakery known as ‘Kod Tete or At Auntie's’ in the Vidici neighborhood is the most popular place to eat after a night out in Šibenik. Not so much because of the offer itself, but it is the staff that makes it special. Particularly one of them called Auntie (teta in Croatian). She will greet you kindly and then probably tell you a funny story. Be sure she will remember your name the second time you come.

Pastry lovers will probably also like Dan & Noć (open 24/7), Bobis, and Mlinar where you can find a wide range of pastry products like croissants, bread, sandwiches, wraps… And if you are visiting Šibenik during summer, donuts Kod Rušija at Jadrija beach are a must!  

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