Things to know before visiting St. John's Fortress


The Fortress of St. John is the largest and the last renovated land fortress in Šibenik. Alongside its intriguing historical story, the fortress is unique because it offers the most spectacular view, while its underground hides interesting secrets!

Size and Location: St. John's Fortress is the largest and highest land fortress in Šibenik, situated atop a 123-meter-high hill. Its elevated position requires a bit of effort to reach but rewards visitors with breathtaking panoramic views of the town and its surroundings.

Historical Significance: Built in 1646, St. John's Fortress played a crucial role in the defense system of Šibenik against Ottoman attacks. Constructed in just 58 days by the people of Šibenik under the design of the Franciscan engineer Antonio Leni of Genoa, it stands as a testament to the city's resilience.

Fortress Layout: The fortress comprises two parts: the "star," a fortified upper section, and the "pliers," an outer fortification in the northern part. Access to the star part is available via a single entrance on the south side, leading through the access road.

Parking Options: While the fortress itself doesn't have parking facilities, visitors can utilize the nearby parking lot next to the walls of the Barone Fortress. Alternatively, parking spaces are available in the vicinity.

Ticketing: Admission to St. John's Fortress includes access to Barone Fortress, with the option for a combined ticket granting entry to all three land fortresses in Šibenik: St. Michael's, Barone, and St. John's.

Amenities: Upon arrival, visitors can enjoy refreshments at the bar situated atop the fortress's star section. Additionally, a souvenir shop housed in the former powder magazine offers mementos of the visit.

Relaxation and Exploration: Benches and deck chairs dot the fortress, providing opportunities for visitors to rest and soak in the stunning views. Those interested can also explore the educational campus located below the fortress.

Pet-Friendly Environment: St. John's Fortress welcomes furry companions, with watering cans provided for their refreshment.

Ideal Timing: For an unforgettable experience, consider visiting during the golden hour to witness a mesmerizing sunset from Šibenik's highest fortress, overlooking the city, sea, and islands.

Facilities: The fortress boasts spacious and modern sanitary facilities, including provisions for visitors with disabilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for all. Additionally, ongoing construction work on a tunnel below the fortress promises future opportunities for exploration.

St. John's Fortress stands not only as a historical landmark but also as a beacon offering unforgettable views and experiences for visitors to Šibenik.

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