Top 10 things to do in Šibenik in winter


Although most tourists are keen on visiting Šibenik during summer, the city has a lot to offer during winter as well! If you are not a fan of crowdy streets and want to feel the authentic vibe of the city, winter is a perfect time to come. Check out our list of 10 top things to do in Šibenik in winter!

1. Visit the House of Arts Arsen

House of Art Arsen is often referred to as the home of different types of art. Arsen is open the whole year and here you can enjoy watching movies, concerts, and dance performances, as well as join the workshops. It’s also a great place to take your kids to see a play or a movie. The children’s program Bubamarac, happening during the weekend, is very popular so make sure you book your tickets on time!

House of Arts Arsen/ Photo credit: Fortress of Culture

2. Shop locally

There are numerous places in the old town where you can support local entrepreneurship. In Lokal Artisan Products shop you can find different kinds of local products; from cosmetics to beverages. Opa Concept Store is perfect for clothes shopping, while Vintage Love Boutique is a paradise for second-hand shop addicts. VBZ is the only bookstore left in the old town, while Butiga is the only CD shop still standing! If you are looking for an original gift, piece of jewelry, or home decoration, City Point is a place for you.

Also worth visiting: Juraj Dalmatinac Gallery, Butik Charlie, Deni Design, Luka's Flower Corner, Grubić Design.

City Point/ Photo credit: Fortress of Culture

3. Go to museums/galleries

Šibenik is a city in which culture has always been specially nurtured and there are several places you can learn about culture and history.

The Šibenik City Museum is a must-see for history lovers. Its collections consist of a number of valuable items significant for the study of Šibenik history, from the oldest times until the present days.

The Museum of St Francis is a museum in the St. Francis Monastery in Šibenik, funded by monks of Franciscan Conventuals, who prove their presence for several centuries in the city of Šibenik through a rich collection of valuable works of art.

Juraj Šižgorić Library is also among the must-see locations during your stay in Šibenik. It is located a also among the must-see locations during your stay in Šibenik. It is located on the central square Poljana, in a striking glass building projected by Šibenik architect Ivan Vitić. Besides its substantial book and audio-visual materials collection, it often hosts interesting exhibitions.

Also worth visiting: Civitas Sacra- Interpretation Center, Victory Museum, St Chrysogonus Gallery, Azimut.

Juraj Šižgorić Library, St. Francis Monastery/ Photo credit: Šibenik Tourist Board

4. Eat and drink in cool places

If you are a coffee addict, Na.Ma.Lo, Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Giro Espresso, and Vintage Bar are places for you. If you prefer your coffee with dessert you should try YUM pastry shop, Calimero, or Moderato Coffee & Cakes.

Šibenik also has a lot of good quality pizza places like Azimut, Victoria Pizzeria and Burger Bar, and Maestro Food and Bar. If you are looking for something a bit different try Pa'Kai where they serve delicious ramen and bao buns and for those who prefer to eat local, homemade food should try Marenda, Šimun, or Bronzin.

Also worth visiting: Pub&wine Bar Scala, Pluto’s Burger Bar, Bagatin Food Bar.

5. Visit Azimut

Azimut is very much alive during winter. It’s a place to attend a concert, see the exhibition, play a pub quiz which takes place every second Tuesday, or just hang out and grab a bite and a beer.

Photo credit: Azimut/Facebook

6. Go to the farmers’ market

The best place to find local food products; from meat and fish to fruits and vegetables, is the Šibenik farmers’ market in the city centre. Pro tip: It is best to visit it early in the morning because by noon all the good stuff is pretty much gone.

7. Visit fortresses

St Michales, Barone, and St John’s fortresses are open the whole year, and the entrance to Barone and St John’s fortress is free from November to March! Besides the view, on the Barone fortress, you can also enjoy your coffee and shopping in the souvenir shop while on St Michael’s Fortress you can learn about history via 3D technology!

Photo credit: Fortress of Culture

8. Visit local wineries

Šibenik region has a long wine-making tradition and is famous for its high-quality local wines. There are several wineries offering wine-tasting tours. Vinoplod Winery Šibenik, situated in the city, has a long tradition in production of alcoholic beverages and is known as one of the largest producers of wine and spirits in Dalmatia. It is situated in the city center and in their tasting room you can try several types of drinks, spirits, liqueurs and wines, with a bite of cheese and prosciutto. Besides the Vinoplod Winery, there are many family-owned wineries situated on charming estates near Šibenik that are worth checking!

Photo credit: Vinoplod Vinarija Šibenik/ Facebook

9. Take a bike ride

Cycling is a great way to explore Šibenik and its region!

Although the infrastructure in the center of the city is not so much bike friendly, there are many bike routes just a few minutes away from the center. The hard-core bikers will probably recommend Pisak hill, while those who are looking for more relaxing trails, can check St Antony’s channel promenade or trails around Krka river.

10. Take a walk

Whether you want to ‘get lost in the narrow streets in the city center, or take a relaxing walk along the coast, Šibenik is a perfect place to explore on foot. The fortresses are just a few minutes away from the city center, and beach Banj is not more than 10 minutes away! If you are a nature lover, you will definitely enjoy the St Antony’s channel promenade with its stunning view over the city and the St Nicola’s Fortress!

St Nicholas' Fortress/ Photo credit: Šibenik Tourist Board

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