10 reasons to visit Zlarin this summer


Whether you're looking for the perfect place for a relaxing vacation or prefer a more active getaway, Zlarin is an ideal destination to spend your summer holidays. You will be delighted by its beautiful nature, the fact that there are no cars on the island, its rich culture and history, and numerous summer events. We have listed ten strong reasons why you should visit the island of Zlarin this summer:

  1. Croatian Coral Center

Zlarin is most known for its tradition of coral cultivation and it represents the island’s most significant cultural heritage. At the recently opened Croatian Coral Center Zlarin this centuries-old tradition is presented in an innovative and captivating manner.

With the establishment of the Coral Center, red coral assumes a new role as a catalyst for the island’s development. Instead of exploitation, the allure and significance of red coral form the foundation of a narrative advocating for the preservation of biodiversity.

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  1. Traffic-free Island

Zlarin is one of the few ‘pedestrian’ islands on the Adriatic coast. There is not a single car on the entire island, which is why the relaxed atmosphere and peace come to the fore, and the vast forest areas are interspersed with stone walls, and pedestrian and bicycle paths.

  1. Rich history

There is evidence of life on Zlarin from prehistoric and Neolithic times to the Roman era. There is also evidence that the Liburnians frequently visited, and perhaps even lived on, Zlarin. The historical monuments of the island include the Church of Our Lady of Rašelj, the Church of the Assumption, and the Chapels of St Roche and Simon from the 17th century.

  1. Beautiful nature

The untouched nature of the island and its beauty can be seen in numerous stunning beaches and secluded coves. They merge with the crystal-clear blue of the Adriatic Sea, which is illuminated by the sun for over 2,700 hours per year, making Zlarin one of the sunniest islands in Croatia. Here, you can enjoy beautiful pebble beaches that are naturally sheltered from winds, and you will also find many wild beaches that will particularly appeal to those seeking complete privacy, peace, and solitude.

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  1. Vesna Parun

Vesna Parun, one of the most prominent figures in Croatian poetry and children's literature, was born on Zlarin island on April 10, 1922. She left her native island at an early age, but she always returned to it, seeking peace and inspiration from her early childhood. From a very young age, she independently navigated her way through life, dedicating herself to literary work and becoming the first woman in Croatian literature to live solely from and for literature.

Today, there are numerous events on Zlarin dedicated to Vesan Parun.

  1. Numerous summer events

From various exhibitions, classical music concerts, rock concerts, film festivals, and theatre plays to sports competitions and gastro events, everyone will find something for themselves on Zlarin during summer!

Some of the most famous events on Zlarin that you don’t want to miss are: Farewell to coral hunters, World cup in mullet hunt with dish and Zlarin Street Music Festival!

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  1. Gastronomy

The island cuisine is closely tied to the sea, so you will enjoy a diverse selection of top-quality dishes made from seafood, fish, shellfish, and crabs, prepared by the people of Zlarin according to traditional recipes passed down through generations. Enjoy the view of the sea with a unique atmosphere, indulge in traditional homemade food, and savor selected varieties of wine.

  1. Trekk &Trail

Zlarin is a perfect island for recreation! You can explore all of its paths, covered in beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, dry stone walls, and rocky terrain, through trekking and trail activities!

Every year in mid-February there is a trail race organized as part of the Island Trail League of Šibenik-Knin County.

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  1. Bike & Hike

Zlarin is an ideal destination for all cycling and hiking enthusiasts as well. "Put Borovice" (Pine Path) is a highly attractive trail for both cyclists and those who enjoy long walks in untouched nature. The "Put Klepca" trail is more challenging and primarily attracts hikers, offering stunning views of Šibenik and its surroundings, as well as Velebit Mountain on one side, and on clear days, it is said to provide a view all the way to the volcanic island of Jabuka.

  1. Kayaking

For those who want to experience the island of Zlarin from the sea, kayak tours are available. Along with Zlarin's beautiful coves and beaches, you can kayak to the Fortress of St. Nicholas, which is protected by UNESCO, and also visit nearby islands!

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