Eno Gastro Barone

Barone bistro os offering coffee & drinks to go from February 17th 2021

in accordance with the instructions and regulations of the National Civil Protection of the Republic of Croatia. 

Usually, Barone bistro serves selected delicacies produced in Šibenik area and the best of Croatian producers.



All wines listed are made from the indigenous Dalmatian varietis - babić, plavina, debitmaraština and lasina - grown on vineyards in the vicinity of Šibenik.



Well-known authentic Dalmatian delicacies - prosciutto, panceta, variety of cheese, olive oil - from bistro Barone's menu have been made by local small and medium family producers, who follow the secrets of production passed down through generations. 


The best of Croatian producers


The products small and medium producers make Barone bistro and souvenir shop offer so unique.

By encouraging their work we provide our visitors top quality food & drinks. 

Eat like a local. Drink like a local. Enjoy Barone.


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